Tactical Barbell

1Tactical Barbell is THE definitive strength training program for the tactical athlete.

Whether you’re in the military, law enforcement, or emergency services, Tactical Barbell will give you extreme levels of functional strength.

If you’re a civilian, and you’re interested in achieving superhuman levels of strength, welcome.

If you are new to training and want to get started on the right path, this program is used by professionals in the arena. Save yourself years of wasted time and effort and learn correctly.

Tactical athletes are a unique breed. You need to physically operate at an extraordinarily high level in stressful situations, sometimes in dangerous environments.


Face it. As a SWAT operator, soldier, or other operational athlete, you have to be a Jack of All Trades. Let’s take that a step further. You have to achieve some degree of mastery. You have to be strong, have incredible levels of endurance, and be capable of sustained anaerobic bursts of activity. All while tired, hungry, cold, or worse. You can’t train like a bodybuilder. You can’t be sore for a week after ‘leg day’. You may not have the time to spend five days a week in the gym solely on weight lifting. You can’t afford to specialize like a powerlifter. After all, you have other attributes you need to spend an equal amount of time on, such as conditioning, or martial arts. Anyone in the operational field knows it’s a constant juggling act trying to become (and stay) superhuman.

So how do you achieve extreme levels of functional strength, while still maintaining time and energy to train your other attributes equally?

This book will provide you with that answer. You will receive strength programming designed to fit in with your training and lifestyle. Periodization based, with a simple progression model that allows for a great degree of customization. You won’t find cables, balance boards or medicine balls in this program. What you will get is a reliable, repeatable cutting edge system to increase your strength dramatically. In a manner that leaves you time and energy to train all those other things you need to be good at.  No fluff. No frills.

If you’re in the tactical arena, you know talk is cheap. There is a built in strength testing component in this program. You will know whether or not your strength has increased, and by how much. Simple.

Written by a twenty year veteran of the military and federal law enforcement. The author has spent a significant amount of his career on extremely physically demanding units, as an infantryman, paratrooper, operator and Subject Matter Expert on a federal Hostage Rescue Team.




Torque Stabilized, Vertical Lifting System TVLS

Model of BodyCopter and FamilyFlyer, below. The red one models the BodyCopter. It steers by weight shift, below the lift rotor, where the pilot would be located. The green one models a HoverCopter. It has a bottom lift rotor and an articulated steering rotor on top. The 4 to 6 passengers would sit in the middle where all the electronics are. Both rotor blades are on the same shaft and turn in the same direction.  See the rest of this product here:  http://www.tsvls.com/




Kiss4Christmas_CD_CoverRGBWill you, or someone you know, be spending Christmas apart from a loved one? When a partner or other special one has to be away over the Holidays, for whatever reason, it’s hard to get into the Christmas spirit. That’s the poignant theme of ‘Send Me A Kiss For Christmas’ (Chrissy Sykes) released worldwide by UK songwriters Chrissy and Georgina, as a charity single dedicated to helping wounded service personnel.

The story (video link:   http://tinyurl.com/Kiss-4-Video )  begins by asking ‘What can I write in this Christmas card?’ No verse could possibly explain how lonely this military wife is feeling, how very hard it is surviving without her loved one beside her. Each day apart feels like another year passing. How she wishes he could be coming home tonight! But he’s far away, and she’s going to miss him so much over the festive season. Everyone, she says, is asking after him, and offering their support while he’s away. So, don’t worry, she’ll be OK, just come back safely, that’s her prayer. Meanwhile, she asks him to send her a special kiss for Christmas, one that will keep her warm through those cold, lonely nights, until the day he comes home – and then, she promises, she’ll never let him go again!

Chrissy explains “We wrote our song as a tribute to the often-forgotten military wives, girlfriend and partners all over the world who will be home alone this Christmas.”

The ‘Kiss4Christmas’ girls have had some lovely feedback, not least this recent message all the way from Australia (Adelaide): “I believe this should be for all of our serving defense forces no matter what country you serve in. This should also be recognized as an official Christmas anthem for all people with families overseas as well. Congratulations girls, fantastic.”

ChrissyGeorgina adds: “As we’re doing all the promotion ourselves, we’re appealing for ‘people power’ to help us! Please connect with ‘Kiss4Christmas’ on Facebook & Twitter and download the song / video, it’s 100% for charity at

Thank you”

Armed Forces Member Publishes Children’s Book

soldierMarsha R. Kennedy was born in Greenville, SC. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art and Theology from the University of Notre Dame. She received a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree in Law and a Master of Business Administration degree in International Business and Environmental Management from the University of Tennessee. She practiced law for ten years in the United States and abroad before returning to her passions of writing and creating artwork. She is a Painter, Sculptor and Mixed Media Artist. She enjoys writing about her life and writing and illustrating picture books for children.



Discount SAGE ABU Boots

Only a few years ago, the US Air Force transitioned its working uniform from battle dress uniform made popular during the Vietnam War, to the airmen battle uniform or ABU that is currently used. This uniform features a digital camouflage pattern which integrates fairly well into most backdrops or surroundings. The military boots required for this are Sage green in color with an 8 inch height for maximum protection while soldiers are on duty. Sage green Air Force boots come in several different styles which are suited to particular operational environments of the military. From job functions in aircraft to the flight line, Air Force airman require high-quality footwear that can stand up to punishment in the field. These boots need to be designed for maximum performance during athletic activities such as marching, running, and crawling.


The Army is casting a reality show!

The United States Army is holding a casting call for young men and women who are unsure of if they would like to enlist or not.

Those selected will spend 3 days on a US Army base and get some first hand knowledge of what happens there and whether it is right for them!

The US Army will be filming a Reality show that follows 9 young men and women over a few days of Army life to allow them to make the biggest decision of their life, whether to enlist or not!

The show is called ‘Army Strong’ and will be produced by the US Army and ex child star Rick Schroder.

Do you need some help before making such a tough decision? Check out the casting call.



Returning to Civilian Life? Get a New Career with the Help of ResumeBaker!

Going back to the civilian life or have plans of returning in the future? Then most probably you’d be looking for a job and in that case, you’d need to have a good resume that could highlight your military experience which you can use as a buying motivator for recruiters and headhunters.

In fact there are a lot of good military skills that are highly sought after in the corporate world. This includes:

  • intelligence and security
  • logistics administration
  • organizational leadership
  • time management

But no matter how exemplary you’ve been in the military, it will never be an advantage if you don’t know how to highlight these achievements and present them properly on your resume. With so many people competing in the job market nowadays, you need to have an eye-catching resume layout in order to get noticed by recruiters. This is where ResumeBaker.com can help you improve your chances in winning the competition.

Enhance your military experience on paper

With such a good background in the army, you might actually be considered to be one of the most qualified candidates in the job market. However, recruiters only allot a few seconds to look over each resume and if they are swamped with tons of applications then it would even be harder to make it to the cut even if you’ve got all the skills and qualifications for the job opening. This is where you need to utilize these creative templates that will greatly enhance your background and skills on paper.

Resume building made easier

Technology has greatly improved the way resumes are designed and this is what this new resume service can help you with as it offers unique layouts that are guaranteed to stand out and make a strong impact to employers. In this day and age, skills and qualifications are not the only important factors that you need. You also have to be creative.  With ResumeBaker, you don’t need to pressure yourself into building a competitive curriculum vitae. All you need to do is to select a design, upload your resume content and you will have a high quality resume that is sure to stand out.

Impress them by being creative!

Using these professionally designed templates, you will be able to effectively demonstrate more how your military experience and competencies can be used in your new chosen career. Plain old texts simply won’t give merit to what you have accomplished during your military career.  Remember that you are selling yourself to employers and in order to be marketable, you need to impress them with your creativity.

So don’t just write your good experience in the military in black 12 point font and printed on white computer paper. With the help of ResumeBaker, you will be able to get the upper hand by creating a resume that will greatly improve your chances of getting noticed in the job market. Once you have captured a prospective employer’s interest then you are certainly on your way to getting invitations for job interviews and possibly a job offer!


Feeding the Hungry with Organic Gardening

Feeding the Hungry not only blesses the person in need but also offers blessings to those that serve. There are millions that are hungry and need food to eat. Organic gardening is a low cost and effective way to provide nutritious foods to the hungry. Organic gardening can feed a community with the right science of aquaponics and even utilizing chicken coops. See how this smart and thrifty person is using organic gardening to feed the hungry. Learn a new brilliant way to feed the hungry with organic gardening



Running for Mayor of Irvine

Katherine Daigle is running for Mayor of Irvine as a conservative fighting for voices that cannot be heard. Not only is she advocating for those that want a voice but Mrs. Daigle is a strong supporter of our military with a loud and clear voice.

Visit KatherineDaigle.com to find out more on how she is a “Heavy Hitter” for Irvine!

Katherine has served the citizens of Irvine as a successful small business owner, an active community volunteer and a wife and mom, who also finds time as an elected member of her own Woodbridge Association. For two decades, Katherine served as the VP of Financial and Administrative Contracts for an Orange County business entrepreneur, during which time she earned her Master of Business Administration. In 2010, Katherine founded KND Legal Consulting, an Irvine based legal services firm.

Thank you for supporting our military!

VA Loan Refinance Program – Mortgage Investors Corportation Review

reviewMortgage Investors Corporation Review 

How did you learn about Mortgage Investors Corporation? Perhaps you received one of their mail pieces or maybe a family member told you about them.  Maybe you have checked out their website a few times.  However you may have heard of them, they have definitely made a positive impact in the lives of many veterans across the country through their veterans refinancing services.

As a 75 year old veteran owned and operated company, Mortgage Investors Corporation review after review has continued to emphasize their strengths and capabilities as a company, and they provide even more validation as to why you may benefit by choosing them as your VA refinance provider. 

One review helps illustrate this point. It was provided by very satisfied customers, Russell and Dixie. They, like so many of Mortgage Investors’ clients, were in need of a change to their financial circumstances and that change needed to happen quickly. They explained on October 20, 2012:

“One of your loan officers came to our house today to present the VA Loan Refinance Program you are currently using. He thoroughly presented the program to us in a way that we understood completely. He was totally respectful and courteous. He explained the forms thoroughly before we signed them. It was a refreshing event. He is definitely a great asset to your company. Please inform him of this gratitude. Thanks for your time.”

What Russell and Dixie touched on in their review was the fact that the first in-home meeting went smoothly and the representative that was assigned to work with them on their refinance was well trained, kind, and truly cared about their best interests. This is a very common theme shared amongst the MIC clients, as they consistently feel that their rep not only helps with every step of the process, but customers often feel well taken care of and valued. If Russell and Dixie told their entire story, they would probably also reveal what other customers have experienced — which is that the refinance moved so quickly and smoothly! Many clients receive a reduced mortgage rate in just 30 to 45 days.

For more information on the Mortgage Investors Corporation review submitted by Russell and Dixie or any other client, feel free to inquire with their friendly staff. You can also feel free to ask them any and all questions about their mortgage rate reduction program as well as for more information on how you may take advantage of their low interest rates right now. Getting started is so easy and qualifying is a cinch, so give them a call today at 866-659-2477.